Our Story

Leal means “honest” and loyal” and the brand strives to help people achieve healthier, smoother skin in the most transparent manner. With our products, we craft a luxurious experience for our community to unwind and unravel their true selves. It’s for our Leal family to believe in themselves and keep it real.

I'm often asked about what led to the inception of Leal, It all started with my own struggles with sensitive skin. Most soaps were drying out my skin and stripping off its' natural oils.

Moreover, during the lockdown, with parlours being shut I had resorted to shaving at home. The lack of body shaving creams available in the market led to ineffective shaving and I often suffered with painful cuts & razor burns. As someone who has always felt passionately about skincare, I was determined to find a solution to my own skin troubles.

After a lot of research, experimentation and iteration, Leal was born. Our unique 2 in 1 creamy textured whipped soaps were launched to enhance your bathing experience by not only gently cleansing your body but also working perfectly as a (much needed) shaving cream. A product of sleepless nights and endless determination, we’re on a mission to transform your skincare journey.

Madhul Chaudhary (Founder)


Safe, effective and strictly free from harmful chemicals and toxins.


Consciously curated with the highest quality and purest oils, butters and botanicals.

Vegan & Cruelty-free

100% no animal-derived ingredients or animal testing ever!


Ethically sourced ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging.