Skincare that redefines your indulgences

No more mundane experiences, no more compromises as we aim to craft a luxurious experience for you to unwind and be in your own element, the “vegan” and “plant-based” way.


Safe, effective and strictly free from harmful chemicals and toxins.


Consciously curated with the highest quality and purest oils, butters and botanicals.

Vegan & Cruelty-free

100% no animal-derived ingredients or animal testing ever!!


High performance, luxurious skincare. No more mundane experiences or compromises.

Customer Reviews

Alka Poddar, Ahmedabad

Didn't leave my skin feeling dry

I very much loved the feel and fragrance of the whipped soaps. It didn’t leave my skin feeling dried out and stretched which normally other soaps do.

Ishita Jani, Mumbai

Worked for sensitive skin

I have super sensitive skin and it suited my skin which is very rare. I tried the cherry blossom whipped soap and it worked really well on my skin. The texture of the whipped soap is so nice and made my skin so soft.

Simran Sawhney, Bangalore

Just can't get enough of it

I’m on my 3rd whipped soap & I honestly just can’t get enough. It doesn’t soak out the moisture from my skin like other body washes. I used it for shaving as well & it works perfectly

Sakshi Chauhan, New York

Please start international delivery

I gifted it to a friend & she loved the products. She has become a fan. The quality and whole feel of it is amazing. I hope to use it soon, please start international delivery

Aarushi Agrawal, Kolkata

Smell is absolutely divine

I’ve been using the coffee scrub for 2 months now and it is 100% my favorite bath product. I’ve never used body scrubs before but I can’t get enough of this product. The smell is also absolutely divine.

Isha Kalbag, Delhi

Helped improve my skin

The Tropical Escape scrub is amazing. It helped me improve the texture of my skin and get rid of ingrown hair.  I love the lemon scent of it, feels so refreshing. Can’t wait to try more products!

Dhwani Patel, Surat

So nourishing

The Hawaiian Affair one is great. It’s nourishing at the same time one does feel fresh post bathing because of the scent. I haven’t had oily, sticky skin for a while since I have started using the product.

Riddhi Jain, Mumbai

Helped reduce back acne

The Hawaiian Affair whipped soap is amazing. I was getting acne on my shoulders and back. The soap really helped me reduce it. I love the texture and feel of it.

Ritu Harlalka, Delhi

I love this brand!

Whipped soaps totally bring a new experience to bathing. Don’t need to moisturize the skin at all after using these soaps. I have oily skin and it worked well for me. Love the natural fragrance too

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